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ScaledTech Inc develops, delivers and supports affordable, flexible and robust software and solutions for for fast, reliable and automated inspection and property management services.

We are committed to designing and building the most complete and feature rich technologies at the best possible price. Our scalable applications have an emphasis on quality, usability, and functionality.

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The Top Property Inspection Solution for Property Managers, Contractors, Rental & Real Estate Agents and Tenants

  1. Inspect with the app
    zInspector 3’s proven templates guide you through each property, one real-life detail at a time.
  2. Crystal-clear findings
    Capture high-quality photos to document conditions clearly—and even mark them up. Each one is time- & date-stamped and geotagged.
  3. Fewer disputes
    Side-by-side Move In / Move Out inspection comparison leaves no room for doubt.
  4. One and done
    Review, sign, and submit.
  5. Go further
    Manage your team and collaborate freely, customize reports and templates, create virtual tours, communicate tasks to vendors, calculate security deposit returns, schedule tenant-led inspections and so much more!


Now you can create your own custom app – no coding required. Tenants can perform any inspection you can imagine: move-in, periodic, renewal, pre-move out… the sky is the limit!

With one tap tenants can:

  • view listings & tours
  • schedule showings
  • submit applications
  • pay rent
  • reach out by SMS or email
  • request maintenance
  • perform inspections

Mobilize your tenant portal in a few minutes!

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